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Omnicon is Ireland’s newest Geek Culture Convention, taking place in Limerick this October. Omnicon is a one day event (for now) representing all that modern geek culture has to offer. Games, Cosplay, Sci-fi, Comics, Manga, Workshops; we will have them all! An open forum is available here, where you can pitch your ideas to the Omnicon team directly, to make the convention a place for everyone. This is an event made by fans for fans! Omnicon wil take place on the 21st of October in the Killmurry Lodge Hotel in Castletroy. For more information on where this is see our Find Us page in the additional links menu.

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**Competition Time** Are you interested in winning a pair of Omnicon 2017 tickets, a pair of cinema tickets for Odeon Cinema Castletroy Limerick and a goodie-bag? All you have to do its:
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Competition ends 06/10/17. The game is afoot _________________________________________________ Big thanks to our sponsors at Odeon Cinema Castletroy Limerick and for supplying us with some amazing prizes.(18 September 2017)

Tickets Disclaimer

Hey folks, Just a disclaimer on ticket sales; tickets are sent to the email attached to your PayPal. Also many people have found that the mail with them attached goes straight to their SPAM folder so please be sure to check yours for your tickets. (16 September 2017)

Prop Shop

Prop Shop

As promised we have more event announcements kicking off this week. First off, we have the final piece to our series of cosplays workshops and panels, the Prop Shop. The Prop Shop will be an interactive panel demonstrating some of the key equipment and techniques used in making effective cosplay props. Though this will not be a hands-on workshop (we just dont have to insurance to be giving you guys knives and glue guns), this will be an interactive panel, meaning attendees will get to interact with props and various materials to get a feel for how these processes can work. (09 September 2017)

Board Games Evening


We have a special announcement to make. We will be having board games evening on Tuesday 12th of September in Odeon Cinema Castletroy Limerick!, It will be held in the cafe inside the cinema at 6pm. It will be a great opportunity to meet up for some fun and games. We are looking forward to seeing you all there so please come down! (05 September 2017)

Panel Submissions

Just a quick update for you today; our panel submissions are now closed. We are all full up, and will have a great , full on fun timetable up for you guys very soon. We also have another few smaller events to announce in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned. (04 September 2017)


J Con

Guys, don't forget that Omnicon tickets are on sale now here, and that everyone who buys their tickets online will be entered into a draw to win some great prizes. These include the Omnicon goody bag, and thanks to our friends over at J-Con, we will also be giving away two tickets to their inaugral event on November 11th. Tickets are also limited in number, so get yours while there are still some left. (28 August 2017)

Mock The Geek

How's this for a scene we'd like to see? BBC's much-loved panel show gets reamagined with a nerdy twist. Join our (slightly) overenthusiastic and (definitely) underpaid panelists: Tom, Ciara, William, Boots, Aisling and Luke as they attempt to navigate their way through a series of geek-themed questions. From Game of Thrones to WWE, from the heroes of Anime to the legends of pop culture, their knowledge, with and patience with each other are set to be tested! With Jim Fitzgerald(Of Man's of Action fame) taking on Dara O'Briains role of MC,(and enforcer), what's the worst that could happen? This panel is for 16+ for possible bad words, lewdness, bad taste in jokes and possible physical violence. Presenting Mock the Geek, only at Omnicon. (26 August 2017)



We are all hard at work here for Omnicon, making sure to provide....actually never mind that; can I interest you in a game of Gwent? We will have our very own Gwent tavern running at Omnicon, hosted by the White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia, himself. Come on down, grab a deck, and try and beat the Witcher at his own game. Who knows, succeed and there may be a prize in store for you. (18 August 2017)

Predator Celtic Days

Predator Celtic Days

We are pleased to announced that a screening of Predator Celtic Days will be shown at Omnicon this October. This is the first time the film will be shown in the West as it stands, and with Halloween only days after the convention, this film will be the perfect way to get yourself in the mood. (16 August 2017)

Visual Novel Development

More workshop news for you guys today; Fionn Murphy will be at the convention giving a talk on the development of a visual novel. This may be a topic that interests many in the budding cultural landscape of Limerick. More details to follow! (06 August 2017)

Board Games Workshop

Board Games

Everyone likes board games, right? Ever think about making one? Colm Lundberg will on hand at Omnicon for a workshop on developing a board game prototype. This will be a great opportunity for those interested in the field, so be sure not to miss out. (03 August 2017)

Voice Acting Panel

Rambling Rob

Hello Folks! Are you looking forward to hearing more news on some events happening at Omnicon 2017? Today, to combat the #mondayblues, we will start by announcing a pretty interesting panel that we are really looking forward to. Omnicon will be hosting a Voice Acting Panel run by the talented Rambling Rob. If you have an interest in voice acting or curious on how to get started in voice work, this will be of interest to you. Don't worry, more details to follow on this panel closer to the date!(31 July 2017)

Buy Tickets!!

Tickets are only €10 and are available through our website and because we are so excited about our event, all tickets bought online will be entered into a draw to win an exclusive Omnicon goodie bag that will be drawn on the day. So make sure to but your tickets online HERE. (19 July 2017)

Fury VR

Fury VR Limerick

Well, we are delighted to announce that Fury VR will be joining us at our October event. Fury VR is Ireland's first virtual reality arcade, based in Limerick City.(25 June 2017)

Emerald Garrison

Emerald Garrison

Hey guys, Big news for all you Star Wars fans out there. The Emerald Garrison are going to be joining us for Omnicon 2017 in October, bringing all of their Storm Troopers et al to showcase at the event. If you dont know about the Emerald Garrison, check out their page to see the insanely accurate Star Wars costumes they bring to the table.(17 June 2017)

Cosplay Catwalk

Cosplay Catwalk

We are happy to announce that we are hosting a cosplay competition! On the 21st of October at Omnicon 2017 we will be hosting our very own Cosplay Catwalk. Our prize categories will be 1)under 12's, 2) novice, 3) experienced and lastly 4) performance. Are you ready to walk the Omnicon Cosplay Catwalk? Don't forget tickets are on sale now so head over to our tickets page to but yours! (15 June 2017)

Traders and Artists

We have had many announcements over the past few weeks for new and exciting events, but this might have those of you who are addicted to con loot a little nervous. But fear not, because despite the abundance of events and activities that Omnicon 2017 will have on offer, we will still have a trade hall for all of you who just want to get your swag on at the con. Though our trade hall will be of a more modest size than some other cons, it will feature some of the best in the country, traders and artists alike, including the like of, Ken Coleman Digital Art & Photography and more. Be it Pops or plushies, t-shirts or toys, there will something for you to buy so those galactic credits stop burning a hole in your holster.(4 June 2017)

Red Frog Gaming

Red Frog Gaming It has been awhile but we have a bit more news for you regarding Omnicon 2017. For those of you looking for a relaxing time with the family, Red Frog Gaming will be joining us to run some family board gaming for everyone to enjoy. They are pros on the scene at this rate, and will have some great games for people of all ages.(25 May 2017)

Saturdays Child Cosplay!

Let's keep the momentum going; you want to hear more about the con, right? Well, to keep up the theme with what we will pre-emptively and temporarily dub our 'square one' set of workshops, we are happy to announce that the hugely talented Saturday's Child Cosplay will be on site to present a hands on workshop in pattern drafting. Saturday Child CosplayEvery great piece of a costume starts with conceptualisation and drafting, and Ciara will be there to show you how to get started. More details to follow in the coming weeks, but for the time being, get hyped.(13 May 2017)

Japanese Language Workshop

Japanese Language

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Japanese language workshop!!! More details will follow closer to the event but expect to learn some fun and useful phrases.(10 May 2017)

Speed Gaming

We are here today to talk about speed gaming. When we unveiled our events flyer some time ago, we were asked if this was like speed running in video games. The answer is no, and we are here to tell you about this new idea not often seen at Irish conventions.Speed Gaming Speed gaming is some combination of board gaming, musical chairs, and yes unfortunately, speed dating (that's where the speed part of the name comes from). The idea is simple; 12-16 players participate in a fast paced and dynamic hour long gaming session in which they rotate groups and games. 4 games of 15-20 minutes length will be chosen and players will move in a pre-determined path for each new round to play a new game with a new group. The desired end result is simply for players to experience more games and meet more gamers in a short period of time. More information on the specific format will be released much closer to the convention, but we just wanted to get ahead and answer this question that was presented to us of, "what is speed gaming"? So now that you know, are you excited?(6 May 2017)

What is Cosplay?

Are you new to cosplay? Or would you like to cosplay but don't know where to begin? Would like to learn more about it? At Omnicon 2017 we are delighted to announce that we are hosting a 'What is Cosplay?' panel and Q&A. This panel will cover various cosplayers' processes from character selection to creation. We will talk about what we think are the cosplay essentials and what tools you will likely need. We will also answer any questions you might have about cosplay. Don't forget to pop on over to our open forum (here!) if you have any ideas of what else you would like see at our event. Have your say! (2 May 2017)